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Necessary Marketing Tools for Wedding and Event Venues

Necessary Marketing Tools for Wedding & Event Venues

Getting people to notice your venue will make or break your business in the wedding and event industry. This is just the beginning of making your venue stand out. If you want to be the location for corporate parties, special events, or dream weddings all year round, you need to market your business continuously and effectively. 

If you own a wedding or event venue, continue reading to see what you should include in your marketing strategy.


The most important aspect of marketing your business is having a beautiful and informative website. Venues cannot just rely on social platforms, and you shouldn’t rely on referrals from others in your industry or your customers to be your only source of traffic. Having your own website is imperative in the wedding and event industry so you can show off the unique aspects of your venue. Your website should serve as a resource to show your audience a place where they can find more detailed information regarding the venue’s history, pricing, amenities, photo gallery, reviews, and contact information.

Another helpful aspect of having a website is consistently posting blogs or helpful articles. Articles show your readers you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the event industry. They also help attract people to your website who may be searching through different topics online, not specifically needing a venue. In this way you’re attracting a wider audience you may not have reached any other way. They’ll likely keep your venue in mind for when they do need one!

Social Media 

Chances are you’ve probably found a wedding or event venue while scrolling through your own social media accounts. In fact, along with searching the Internet, scrolling through social media is how many people find their dream venue. If your venue isn’t represented prominently on social media, there’s a good chance you’re going to miss out on a lot of great opportunities. 

If you are on social media, you should make sure you’re utilizing it effectively. Post pictures from professional photographers of events that have happened at your venue. Put up the best and brightest ones with captions to entice your target audience. Be sure to include all aspects of your venue, including every amenity. Make sure you tag photographers or any businesses involved with the event, so they can follow you and you can begin to grow relationships. If this sounds a little bit too overwhelming for your business, you might consider hiring a social media manager! Agencies can take the headache out of managing your online presence. 

Making sure you’re on the right social platforms is also important. When scrolling through Twitter, people likely aren’t looking for the place they want to get married. Facebook and Instagram, however, are great platforms to use to show off your venue and get people to your website. Including tags in your posts for those specifically looking for wedding ideas is a great idea, too! You should also be aware of the times you’re posting on different platforms. For tips on posting times, visit this link

Lastly, make sure you’re posting regularly. This means at least weekly, with daily or several times a week being ideal. People want to see your venue, and the more you show them, the better!

Graphic Design

Every event venue needs great graphic design work. The first impression you make with your website and social media has to be beautiful and look professional. Graphic design is used in all the marketing efforts you’ll use for your business. You’ll need to create branded collateral for potential clients, such as a venue information packet, a pricing guide, a legal contract, and other necessary documents.

Graphic design is vital when creating your website. Your website should look clean and professional, so unless you are proficient in coding and design, hiring a professional is likely your best option. 

Most importantly, you’ll use graphic design for branding. You’ll need a logo, first and foremost, then business cards, folders, notepads, signage, or other necessities for your office or to give to your clients. Some other branding materials you may need are t-shirts, thank you cards, cups, stickers, and other small printed collateral.

Brand Consistency 

Graphic design services work hand in hand with creating brand consistency, and you’ll want to make sure you have it in every aspect of what you include in your marketing strategy. What is brand consistency? It’s communicating your messages to reflect your brand’s mission, strategies, and values consistently across all platforms. This includes all the aspects of your marketing strategy mentioned above, as well as your physical business. Everything should be branded cohesively to exemplify professionalism. 

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