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8 Email Marketing Campaigns Your Business Should Be Utilizing

Is your business utilizing effective email marketing campaigns? Are you sitting down to strategize and analyze the effectiveness of each campaign? Continue reading for the 8 email marketing campaigns your business should be utilizing.

1. Welcome Email Marketing Campaigns

Welcome emails help introduce your business to your client, and let them know you appreciate them. Once they subscribe, your business is fresh in their mind, and they’ll be more willing to open your email and learn about your business. Statistically, welcome emails receive higher than average open rates and click-through rates. Welcome emails can give you an edge over your competitors because they create the beginning of a great relationship with the customer, so utilizing them is imperative.

2. Seasonal Promos

Many times, businesses offer seasonal promotions, whether it be for maintenance plans,  sales, or simply brand enhancement. Offering seasonal promotions gets your customers excited about your product or service, and urges them to buy quickly. 

3. Specials, Promos, Coupons

Offering regular promotions, special offers, or coupons to those who sign up for your email list  is also a great campaign strategy. Any time they need a product or service like yours, they’ll go to you first, knowing they could save some money with your business because they are a subscriber. Like seasonal promotions, regularly sending these specials builds lasting relationships with your customers.

4. Post-Purchase Email Marketing Campaigns

A post-purchase email is sent to thank your customer for giving you their business. Providing an electronic invoice lets them know you appreciate them and builds the foundation for a great relationship. In these emails, it’s also smart to include products similar to what they bought, or items that they viewed while on your site. You should also include customer service contact information so if there is an issue with their purchase, they know exactly how to contact you. This campaign strategy brings the customer back to your website for repeat shopping.

5. Connect With Us

After you’ve had a subscriber for a couple weeks, it’s a great idea to send them an email about connecting with your business on social media. You could use this campaign as a way to easily connect on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other prominent social sites. 

6. Newsletter

It’s likely you get newsletters in your inbox all the time, and when they’re done right, they can actually be a really great campaign. Keeping your subscribers up to date on your latest products, providing share-worthy content, and giving them something to look forward to will help build their loyalty to your brand. Just think about how many people follow Apple for the latest releases. This can be a powerful campaign strategy!

7. Cart Abandonment

We all know the dreaded cart abandonment email we get when we really wanted an item but talked ourselves out of it. Well, unfortunately for consumers, it’s an effective marketing campaign! The reason anyone puts something in their cart to begin with is because they wanted it, so sending a follow up email as just a little nudge, will keep that product fresh in their mind so they can come back and get it when they’re ready.

8. It’s Been A While

The, “It’s Been A While,” or, “We Miss You!” email is last on our list of great email campaign strategies to try for your business. Reminding your client they were interested in your brand at one time could spark their memory about something they may have forgotten. Including a special offer in this email may also reignite their relationship with you and make them want to buy or make another purchase. 

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