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5 Steps to Venue Online Marketing Success

Whether you’re a new venue, or one that’s been around a while, it’s no secret that you need to be marketing online. As our world has become increasingly digital, it’s no longer enough to only use traditional advertising efforts, especially with so many competing venues in every city. Unless you have a venue that’s as well known as, for example, Madison Square Garden, your online marketing efforts have to be on par for potential clients to find you and want to book with you. And even if you are a huge venue like Madison Square Garden, it’s important to keep your digital presence at its best to keep your patrons satisfied. venue online marketing

1. Optimize Your Website venue online marketing

Before anything, you need a top-notch website up and running for your venue. Without a website, potential clients are left feeling confused and disinterested. Your website must be mobile-friendly to entice viewers using phones or tablets. Google research reports that 62% of people are less likely to purchase from a site where they had a negative mobile experience. And in fact, Google algorithms will rank your site lower in search results if you do not offer your customers a positive mobile experience. 

Websites help clients find information about your venue, see photos of your venue, and get in contact with you for booking or general information; whether that be on a desktop or a mobile device. venue online marketing

2. Get On Social Media

If your venue isn’t already on social media, it needs to be! Social media gets you in front of clients, keeping you in their minds until they’re in need of your services. Without a presence on social media, you could be missing out on a huge potential audience. However, posting pictures with a few mediocre captions isn’t going to cut it. You need an effective social media strategy to highlight the best aspects of your venue with high quality photos and captions. You have to prove that your venue is the best. 

Some tips for having a great social media strategy:

  • Make it beautiful with high quality photos
  • Show you’re an expert with effective captions
  • Partner with local businesses who will help promote your venue
  • Stay active by engaging with followers
  • Use hashtags for better SEO results
  • Ask for tags from vendors or clients posting pictures of your venue
  • Share testimonials to show good rapport from past clients

3. Implement Your SEO Strategy

Good SEO means not spending money to have clients find your venue. That’s right, it’s basically free advertising for you, but your strategy has to be effective. First and foremost, you must understand user behavior to have an effective SEO strategy. This means you need to guess what keywords the consumer will search in relation to your product. Narrow down what they’re going to search for such as: 

  • Wedding Venue Near Me
  • Best Venue In (City)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Venue

It’s important you’re thinking about SEO and local SEO for broader searches regarding topics your website covers about your venue, and for “best” or “near me” searches in your local area. Do this by using keywords throughout your site such as your city name or specific aspects of your venue. 

Google ranks your site by a number of different things, but if you want to be higher on the list, you should be prioritizing these factors:

  • Keywords: These are keywords relating to what the user is searching for on Google that your website provides.
  • Links within and to your site: This means that other sites are linking to yours, so if you work with other vendors, have them link to your website from theirs to be found more easily. It will also give you a boost in search engine ranking to actively add in links within your own website, such as between blog posts or in reference to different site pages. 
  • Activity on your site: Google takes into consideration how users are interacting on your site. If they’re moving throughout the site, visiting different pages and spending more time, Google will see your website as one that people may be more interested in. This goes back to having an awesome website. venue online marketing

4. Have A Blog venue online marketing

Having a blog on your website is useful for many different reasons. Through blogging, you can show off different aspects of your venue and go into more detail about each aspect to answer clients’ questions before they even ask. You can show off different ways that clients have customized their events at your venue to give ideas to potential clients of how they can use the venue. Through a blog, you can also show clients you’re an expert in your field by giving tips and inspiration on topics relating to things clients may need for their upcoming event. 

5. Post on Pinterest

Lastly, your venue needs to be on Pinterest. Pinterest is where people go to get inspiration for life; including events! Sororities are searching for ideas for their next bid-day, brides are searching for inspiration for their wedding day, companies are searching for how they’ll decorate their next big Christmas party, and the list goes on. If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re missing out on potentially being found by over 320 million monthly Pinterest users.

Pinterest also improves SEO results. By linking to your website, Google finds you more reputable and in turn, you’ll show up as a result for more user searches. In fact, the more social media platforms your site is on, the better Google will rank your business in search results.

Pinterest gives you the opportunity to show off your venue, link to blogs on your website, share ideas and inspiration, and grow relationships. Pinterest users are also a free form of advertising because if they like what they see, they’ll pin your post, creating a larger and larger audience becoming aware of your venue.

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