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Why Boosting Facebook Posts Is Good for Your Business

Are you spending tons of time creating amazing graphics and captions for your social media pages, yet still not seeing the amount of growth you’d like? Maybe you’re getting tons of engagement and have a good following, but it’s from users outside of your service area. If this is true, you’re probably not boosting your posts, or not boosting them correctly. Boosting Facebook posts can lead to higher engagement, better reputation, and increased sales. 

What Is Boosting?

Boosting on Facebook is spending money on specific posts to increase reach to particular audiences. You choose the audience and the amount you want to spend per day to advertise, and Facebook’s algorithm determines the estimated reach of your boosted post. Boosting Facebook posts gets your content seen by more people, including those who don’t follow your page. 

Why Boost?

As mentioned above, when boosting Facebook posts, you reach a wider audience including those who don’t follow you. This allows your business to get in front of potential customers who may now, or one day, be in need of your services. The audience creation tool also allows you to choose demographics so you can target a specific audience. Your content will be shown to audiences you WANT to reach such as those who live in your area or those of a certain gender or age range. It’s also a quick and inexpensive way to build relationships with your customers and gain a larger following.

Dos and Don’ts

Gaining success from boosting Facebook posts requires a strategy. So, before you begin, make note of these basic dos and don’ts.

  • Do set expectations and monitor results
  • Do choose a specific targeted audience by location
  • Do boost posts that are already performing well
  • Do experiment with how different posts perform
  • Do schedule boosts as you schedule posts
  • Do invite those who like your posts to like and follow your page


  • Do not run boosts for more than a week
  • Do not target too broad of an audience
  • Do not forget to monitor results


Learn More

If you’re looking to increase engagement and build your brand, boosting Facebook posts should be a long-term strategy. This way, your audience will stay engaged and up-to-date with your business efforts. Luckily, boosting Facebook posts requires a fraction of the money of many other advertising methods, and it generates a great return. You may begin with trial and error, but you’ll soon see great results by following our advice!

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