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Are You Using Pinterest for Your Small Business Correctly?

Pinterest is more than just a social network. Pinterest is a tool for businesses to get their content in front of interested clientele and for selling products and services. People visit Pinterest for inspiration, such as building houses, planning weddings, decorating, or even traveling. No matter your brand, it can fit within the parameters of people’s interests on Pinterest. If you’re not currently utilizing Pinterest for your small business, you’re hindering your own growth.

To ensure you’re using Pinterest for your small business correctly, follow these tips:

Set Up A Business Account

The first step in creating your business account is as easy as visiting However, it is important to note that business accounts are different than personal accounts. With a business account, you’ll have access to the Pinterest Business Hub. This hub shows you analytics of how your posts are performing, how your ads are performing, and how people are engaging with your account in general. Analytics are critical to measuring your success on Pinterest and without a business account, you won’t be able to do so.

Add Your Business Info

When setting up your business Pinterest account, be sure to include all information about your business. This includes your business’s address, phone number, and website URL. Filling in this information helps to optimize ads or campaigns you run on Pinterest by demographics and interests to get you the most engagement. Besides that, this information also legitimizes your brand to potential customers.

Be Consistent

Always ensure your profile photo and username match on all platforms, including Pinterest. Being consistent across all platforms also legitimizes your brand and creates trust in you among your clientele. It also makes your business easy to find when customers are searching for you.

Brand Your Content

Create Personalized, branded content that will catch the eye and mind of viewers. Over time, your content will be recognized by your followers and associated with your business in their minds. This also creates a nice-looking feed, just like you want to create on all other platforms. Consistency creates trust in the mind of consumers.

Promote Your Content

Promoting your content on Pinterest creates huge amounts of engagement even when spending small amounts vs. what you might spend on other platforms. Promoting your content on Pinterest puts your content in front of people who’ve specified interests relating to your content. This way, those that see your content will be more likely to view it and even visit your website. 

Include Links to Other Platforms

Since ads on Pinterest do get such high levels of engagement, you should always include your website or social media links in every pin you create. This gives consumers a route to easily learn more about your business, reach out to you, or buy your products or services directly from your site.

Include Keywords

When creating a pin, there are different sections where you fill in content about your pin. In these sections be sure to include keywords and hashtags. Keywords will help your pin show up in more search results. With no descriptions or keywords, Pinterest won’t know when or where to show your content.

Re-Pin On Brand

Re-pinning is so important in gaining connections and followers on Pinterest, but it’s important you only re-pin according to your brand. This helps those with interests similar to yours, to see more of your pins. For example, if you’re a wedding venue, post about all things weddings to get pinners interested in weddings to see more of your posts. If you’re a wedding venue posting about houses, consumers won’t connect with your created content because they’re more interested in houses.

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