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16 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Facebook

Although 2020 was the year of all things unpleasant, one thing brought businesses hope and prosperity: the growing number of social media users. Quarantining, working from home, and needing to stay “in-the-know” more than ever before brought more and more people to social media. With Facebook being the biggest of all social networks, if your business isn’t utilizing it, you’re missing out on a huge clientele that could contribute to huge growth for your company. Here are 16 reasons your business should be on Facebook.

  1. With 4.2 billion active social media users, 2.74 billion are actively on facebook. That’s over half of all social media users, and it’s the only platform to reach that many. No other platform offers a reach this extensive.
  2. Among all websites on the internet, Facebook is the world’s third-most visited site. That means, when anyone goes online, they’re likely going on Facebook. This includes your potential customers.
  3. Among all apps, Facebook is the second-most downloaded app. Not only is it popular among the world of laptop users, but mobile as well. This fact also provides insight of why your website should be mobile-friendly.
  4. 54% of social media users in America say they use Facebook more than any other social media platform. That’s more opportunity for growth for your business.
  5. If your business mostly seeks to attract the millennial audience, you should be using Facebook. 32.4% of Facebook’s audience is between the ages of 25 and 34. That’s a large majority of users who could become long-time customers of your company.
  6. American adults using Facebook brings the majority of users to 74% being 35-54 years old – that’s a huge business-targeted consumer base.
  7. An average of 2 hours and 25 minutes is spent on social media by users every day. While this number was expected to decrease in 2020, it actually increased due to the pandemic.
  8. 36% of people get their news from Facebook. As a business, you should consider this a great opportunity as some people view news as new product launches, giveaway campaigns, collab information, and so much more brand-related content.
  9. As for Facebook stories, 500 million people use Facebook stories every day. If your business is using Facebook stories, they’re likely being seen by your followers. Make sure you’re using stories effectively. business should be on facebook
  10. 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger. Most of this is to communicate with brands. In fact, an estimated 10 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Messenger every month. 
  11. Community Facebook Groups are continuing to grow as users want to connect with local businesses and users to stay updated on things happening in their area. This is a great opportunity for your business to share events, news, or updates with potential customers.
  12. More people have made purchases through Facebook than Instagram or Pinterest in the last year alone. That number is only expected to grow coinciding with shopping on the internet.  
  13. As more people focused their attention on helping small businesses grow in the past year, searches for local businesses have increased. Hopefully you’ve been using the hashtag #supportlocal recently. This support is not expected to decrease any time soon.
  14. Two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business page at least once every week. As users are looking to support their communities more and more, you should expect to see increased traffic and support by users. 
  15. Facebook advertising can reach 2.14 billion users. That means, when you boost a post on Facebook, your ad is capable of reaching a substantial amount of users. Facebook boosting is important in growing the number of local/ potentially interested users who see your content.
  16. The average Facebook users click on 12 ads every month. Remember, that’s just the number of ads that have been clicked on, not the number of impressions made.

This information was gathered from Hootsuite’s Digital 2021 Global Overview Report – The latest Insights Into How People Around the World Use the Internet, Social Media, Mobile Devices, and Ecommerce. You can download this helpful report for free to view specific breakdowns in your area.

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Your business should be on facebook Your business should be on facebook

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