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A Social Media Manager’s Month-to-Month Duties

What is a social media manager? 

The past few years, when people ask what I do, they often look perplexed by my answer: “I’m a social media manager.” I immediately feel I have to explain myself after stating my title, as “social media manager” since it’s a relatively new job. Within the past few years, brands have had to rely more heavily on social media than ever before to get in front of their audiences, build relationships, and grow their business. So, what do I do? I do just that.

As a social media manager at Lawrence Media Group, I handle the social campaigns of our clients. For me, this includes monthly planning, content creation, blogging, scheduling, and analyzing insights. 

social media manager's month

Monthly Planning

Towards the end of any given month, I begin planning the social media campaign for two months ahead. I create a chart for every client and outline what topics will be discussed. By creating this chart, I am able to make sure that I’m doing something different for every one of our clients and hitting all important information. The chart is also helpful in laying out the days content will be posted, scheduling any giveaways or special campaigns, and keeping track of important dates or holidays. Monthly planning usually only takes about a day or so.

social media manager's month

Content Creation & Blogging

Once the schedule is complete, I begin creating content. Content creation usually begins the month before content is scheduled to go out. I like to finish my content creation by the 3rd week of the month prior, that way I have time to make any requested changes or additional posts. Content creation includes writing captions and creating graphics for social media posts (usually 1-3 per week per client) and writing blogs (usually 1-2 per month per client). In any given month I create 200+ posts total and 20+ blogs total. Yes, it’s a lot of work! Content creation takes up most of my time during any given month.

social media manager's month


Once content is edited and final drafts are complete, I’m ready to begin scheduling for the month ahead. I post blogs on the clients’ websites first to ensure I have the links for the corresponding social posts. Then, I use a scheduling platform (Facebook’s Creator Studio) to schedule posts for the month. I use Creator Studio since it lets me boost posts to create Facebook ads. Scheduling usually takes about 2 days with such a high volume of posts.

social media manager's month

Analyzing Insights

Analyzing insights is a super important part of my month. This is the time when I figure out what’s working, what’s not, and make any necessary adjustments. I put social media (and website) analytics in an easy to understand document for our clients. This way, they’re also able to see the performance of their marketing campaigns.

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This may seem like a ton of work each month, and it is! Social media for businesses is a lot to handle, and that’s why we do it for you. I have a passion for what I do as a social media manager, and love to learn about and work with new clients. If you’re interested in monthly social media management or any of our other services, contact us!

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