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Transferable Leadership Skills

6 Transferable Leadership Skills to Develop for Any Career

Throughout your life, you’ll likely have multiple jobs or job titles, so how do you obtain or maintain leadership positions as you move from job to job? The key is to develop transferable leadership skills. Transferable leadership skills are those skills that know no boundaries. They can be developed and continually improved upon to make you a stronger leader no matter your career. Take on these 6 transferable leadership skills to have success in your career – whatever it may be. 

1. Taking Initiative

Taking initiative in any job will propel you forward in the minds of your superiors. Taking initiative shows that you’re looking to expand opportunities and grow success for a business. You can take initiative in your job by setting goals and objectives for new projects, displaying creativity with new ideas for gaining business, and leading by example. Leading by example is an important aspect of taking initiative because you’re proving that you’re not just all talk or barking orders for others to get done. You’re making the effort to get the job done as well and are there for others if they have questions or need help.

2. Listening & Learning

Speaking of having questions or needing help, listening to others is an important transferable leadership skill as well. Listening will help you figure out and cater to the needs of others to help get jobs done quicker, more efficiently, and more effectively. Listening can also help you learn from others if you’re willing. Learning is another important leadership skill you can always improve upon. In any position, things are always changing. Learn about those changes and use your new found knowledge to promote new ideas for growing the business and growing your own skills for the job.

3. Communicating

Communication skills are vitally important to anyone striving to be in a leadership position. Being able to explain new ideas that are not yet tangible and get everyone on the same page for goals and objectives to make those ideas come to life is vitally important for any business. Good communication is a skill that you should only improve upon as time goes on. Here are some ways you can improve your communication skills at work:

    • Learn to speak to a group in public.
    • Give positive and constructive feedback properly. 
    • Try different ways of explaining things.
    • Learn how to disagree without being dismissive or aggressive.
    • Listen and avoid interrupting.
    • Keep note of the tone of your voice.
    • Ask questions.

4. Motivating Others

While you might have the motivation to get things done, it’s important you also know how to get others motivated to get things done. You should constantly demonstrate enthusiasm for the work you’re doing and show others how it all comes together for the end result. Many times, explaining how what you’re doing positively affects others will get them motivated to make that difference in someone else’s life. People also get motivated when they can do something they enjoy, or when you use their ideas. You can also provide incentives and award others for their work.

5. Radiating Positivity

Whether you’re in a leadership position or not, you will experience stress and pressure from your job. Having the ability to maintain a positive attitude is a leadership skill you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Effective leaders know how to separate their personal and business life when they step in the office to maintain a positive atmosphere. Another way to radiate positivity is to demonstrate your passion towards your work. When you demonstrate passion, it inspires others to be passionate about the work as well. 

6. Effectively Managing

This transferable leadership skill may seem obvious, but this is probably the hardest skill to master. There are so many elements that go into knowing how to effectively manage projects and lead people. Effective management means knowing the difference between a friendship and a professional relationship, creating boundaries between work life and personal life in conversation, knowing how to delegate tasks effectively, keeping unnecessary pressure off your team, not micromanaging, and so much more. There are tons of articles online for learning the skills of an effective manager. It’s helpful to do your research, but trial and error is ultimately how you’ll improve upon this skill over time.

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