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new year Self-Improvement Goals

Self-Improvement Goals to Accomplish This Year

What Are Self-Improvement Goals

Chances are, you’ve had outer goals like saving money, going on a special trip, eating healthier or exercising more throughout every year of your life. While these goals can be challenging to achieve and effective toward external factors of our lives, they don’t do a whole lot for changing who we are on the inside. If you want to focus more on your internal growth, improve your outlook on life, and increase your daily motivation, set some self-improvement goals for yourself in the new year. 

Why Are Self-Improvement Goals Important?

Instead of focusing on where we want to be physically, self-improvement goals help us focus on where we want to be mentally, which means making a lot of positive internal changes in our life. When working on these internal improvements, you’ll likely grow your self-worth, figure out who you are and who you want to be, and ultimately become the best version of yourself. With so many people struggling to accept themselves in our society, resetting and redirecting our goals can help us all be happier and more self-fulfilled. Here are some self-improvement goals you should try and take on in the new year.

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1. Be Confident In Who You Are

Confidence means “having a positive self-image and healthy sense of self-worth.” If you’re always plagued by self-doubt, there’s no chance you have confidence in yourself. Gaining confidence means realizing you have a ton to offer the world just as you are, you smile when you see yourself in the mirror, you’re comfortable in your own skin, and you can walk with your head high without fear of judgment. So how do you become more confident in yourself?

    • Make a list of qualities you like about yourself and look over this list often.
    • Fake it til you make it – act as if nothing can intimidate you, and eventually, nothing will.
    • Make it a point to boost others up as well in the process of doing it for you.
    • Set goals for yourself and positively see all you have achieved.
    • Redirect your thoughts on hard days. Yes, sometimes a distracting Netflix binge can be a good thing.
    • Take it one day at a time. You’re not going to wake up and be confident in yourself overnight. Take it slow and know it will come with time.

2. Love Who You See In the Mirror

Loving who you see in the mirror has a lot to do with confidence. Most of us struggle with self-image issues because of the world’s definition of perfection. Get perfection out of your head; it doesn’t exist. Even those who YOU think are perfect have self-image issues just like the rest of us. Learn to see beauty in yourself, and try to see yourself the way others see you. Note the essence of beauty in your personality as well, as that goes a long way toward physical beauty, even when just looking in the mirror.

3. Garner Loving, Supportive, & Healthy Relationships

If you don’t have people you can count on, you likely feel extremely alone. Loneliness can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. The fact of the matter is you only get out of relationships, what you put into them. Hold on close to the people who have proven they care for you, regularly check in on you, make an effort to see or talk to you every once in a while, or those who you love and who love you. If certain relationships are bringing you down on a daily basis, it’s okay to let those relationships go. 

4. Live A Life of Purpose & Meaning

Live intentionally. We cannot stress this enough. If you’re working your life away with no end goal, or spending every day behind a screen watching television or playing video games, your mental health is going to decline along with your physical health. It’s so important to set goals in your life, so you’re working with a purpose and have meaning in your life. Without goals, aspirations, or dreams, what are you living for? Set goals yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily to have things to accomplish and feel fulfilled.

5. Experience New Cultures

Experiencing things that are different from what you know can help you have a different, and maybe even better outlook on life. Experiencing new cultures will “improve your mind’s ability to make connections, spot opportunities, and generate innovative ideas.” Experiencing new cultures can also help alleviate stress by seeing that everything does not always have to be one particular way like you may believe. Experiencing new cultures also doesn’t have to mean traveling across the world. There are tons of different cultures all around us!

6. Be More Content

Be more content. That’s broad… well, while it may be broad and you may not know where to start with that, it’s actually pretty simple. Be happy and grateful for what you have. That’s it? Yep. Spend time each day to note everything that’s meaningful to you, or even things that just bring you happiness. Little things or big things; it doesn’t matter. We ALL have SOMETHING to be thankful for. You just need to recognize it and accept it.

7. Forgive & Have Inner Peace

Now, we all know it can be hard to forgive, and while we might have a few tips to make it a little easier, the truth is forgiving IS hard and it takes time. However, did you know that forgiving can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve your heart health, help you get better sleep, and extend your life by bringing you peace? Forgiveness is the ultimate sign of strength, and once done, it will bring you even more strength by providing you with a calm mind and a healthy body. Here’s how you can start forgiving today:

    • Try journaling, meditation, or prayer.
    • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to dig deep into their thought process.
    • Write a letter to the person of what you’d like to say (but don’t send it, at least not right away). 
    • Talk with someone you trust who may be able to provide you with a different perspective.
    • Go to a therapist or join a support group. This is not a sign of weakness.
    • Try relaxation methods like yoga, breathing exercises, or even at home self-care days.

8. Be Optimistic About Life

If you have a negative view on life, you likely have a negative life! It’s easy as we go through hard times, to think that nothing will ever turn out the way we want. However, life just keeps getting better and better if you accept good things. See, once you’ve been hurt or let down so many times, you begin to push things away and think because you think that everything will end poorly. However, when you have a positive outlook and can see that things have changed and ARE changing for the better, you’ll begin to be happier. Here are some ways to start being more optimistic:

    • Find a role model – we all know that person who’s way too positive. Look up to them and try to take on some of their habits.
    • Focus on what has been positive in your life and come up with some optimistic mantras to refer to going forward.
    • Don’t blame yourself when things go wrong. 
    • Remind yourself that setbacks are temporary and you don’t have to dwell on them.
    • BELIEVE that good things CAN happen in your life!

9. Be Open to Receive Love

Believe it or not, actually letting yourself receive love is harder than you might think. Did you know that love is a necessity? Love allows for a longer lifespan and growth of your inner spirit. However, it can be hard to surrender to people’s care, attention, kindness, compliments, and respect for and to us. When you learn to do so, your life will transform. Check out an amazing article on receiving love here

10. Be Able to Look Back On Life With No Regrets

Looking back on life with on regrets… that’s broad, and can be difficult. How do you know if you’re doing the right things to not have regrets? How do you know if the outcome of something will be worse than if you had not done it in the first place? First step, stop overthinking. Second step, trying new things is usually not something you’re going to regret. You may learn from it, but that doesn’t mean you’ll regret it. Lastly, as the saying goes, you regret 100% of the shots you don’t take.” 

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