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7 Benefits of Email Marketing

7 Benefits of Email Marketing

Think email marketing is not relevant to your business’s success? Think again. 

While a lot of people are being led to believe email marketing is dying out, marketing professionals know that’s not the case… at all. With 99% of consumers checking their email daily, and 73% of millennials preferring business communication through email, how could this platform not be useful for your business? As a professional in the industry of trying to reach consumers, that’s not information to be ignored. 

Check out these benefits of email marketing, and how this important medium can contribute to the success of your business.

7 Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Creating & Showcasing Branded Content

Email marketing allows you to customize campaigns to show off the branding of your business. The more customers see your brand, the better they recognize it. When your branding becomes familiar to consumers, they’re more likely to trust you, build a relationship with you, and do business with you!

2. Creating Targeted Content 

Email marketing also allows you to create personalized and targeted content. Want to address each consumer by their first name? That’s possible with email marketing and it reaches consumers on a more personal level. Want to send specific campaigns to specific groups of people? That’s also made possible by email marketing. You can create segmented lists depending on whether they’re a new or existing customer, whether they live in a certain area, or whether they recently visited your website and landed on a specific page. There are tons of ways to break down your email audience to create effective campaigns that will reach specific people for a specific reason.

3. Owning Your Own Contact List

On platforms like social media, Google, and digital channels, you don’t own a contact list for the consumers who visit your page, follow you, engage with your business online, or leave a review. And, when posting or advertising online, you can’t always be sure your message is getting in front of those who you want to see it. Having a contact list allows you to conversate with your audience if need be, but also to build up your portfolio of information about your clients and ensure your marketing is at least reaching them.  

4. Collecting Feedback

Getting feedback (thoughts and ideas) from your consumers is an important step in data collection of improving your services and increasing your success. Email marketing is a great way to help you collect feedback. With many email marketing platforms, you are able to see what links, images, or products were clicked on to help you gather information. You’re also able to create questions consumers can reply to or embed surveys into your emails. By getting thoughts, opinions, and new information directly from consumers, you’ll get great data to go off of for improving your business strategies.

5. Improving Sales

How can email marketing improve your sales? It’s simple. Email marketing can get your products or services directly in front of consumers to make purchasing an item they’re interested in as easy as clicking on it. Through email marketing, you can also send automated, personalized emails to customers about abandoned items in their cart, specific items they’ve viewed on your site, and special offers just for them! If you have services rather than products, you can have a contact list of people you might personally reach out to, to help them decide on what exactly they’re looking for or in need of to ultimately help them make a purchase.

6. Sending Timely Campaigns

We all know about Memorial Day sales, July 4th Sales, and most importantly, Black Friday sales! In fact, most of us are waiting impatiently for these promotional emails to hit our inbox every year. Because consumers are expecting certain promotions around certain times, email marketing is a great way to get them into their inbox in a timely manner. Timely email campaigns can also be great for 24 hour sales or other special limited-time promotions.

7. Producing Cost-Effective Campaigns

Of course, we couldn’t forget to mention that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business! They don’t take extremely long to produce, they don’t require a ton of hands-on-deck, and you don’t have to pay for any physical printed material. The most costly aspect of email marketing is whichever platform you choose to utilize to send your email campaigns and keep up with your contact list(s). 

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