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Heat Up Your Summer Marketing With These 8 Ideas

Are you looking to heat up your marketing strategies for the summer season? You should be! Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for businesses. Longer days and warmer weather have more people out and about looking to make purchases or book services. If you have a business, follow our top tips for creating a summer marketing plan that will make a splash!

1. Get Involved In Community Events

Getting involved in the community is always a great idea, especially if you’re a local small business. During the summer, there are more events and activities going on than any other time of the year. Find out what these events are and take some time to get your business involved. Whether it’s helping out behind the scenes, becoming a sponsor, or setting up your own booth to talk with potential customers, you’re going to make an impact! Don’t forget to advertise your involvement in the event and document some of the day to show your social followers later on.

2. Create A Summer Email Campaign

You should be sending out emails at least seasonally, and the summer is an especially great time to send an email campaign, or a few! Make your email summer themed and include relevant blog posts, social posts, sales, new products or services, and helpful information to your customers. Be sure to include summer-y images and wording in your email campaign so your customers can really soak it all in!

3. Cater Your Blog Posts to the Season

If you regularly write blogs to post on your website or socials, it’s time to switch gears. You need to start bringing the summer vibes into your blog posts! This will make your content more relevant, and therefore, more clickable to your audience. Summer themes can be anything from seasonal DIYs or home decor tips to summer maintenance or local activities. 

4. Schedule Summer-Themed Social Posts

Of course, you can’t switch gears on all your other platforms and not on social media! It’s time to bring some summer vibes to the feed! If you’re in the service industry, now’s a great time to talk about preparing for the summer and maintaining your home, equipment, or vehicle throughout the season. If you’re in the product industry, share some upcoming news, new products, tutorials, and examples of your product being used in the heat of summer. 

5. Offer Summer Sales

Over the summer, everyone will be spending lots of money on vacations, back-to-school supplies, events, activities, and shopping, of course. With all the spending going on, everyone is looking to save a few bucks! Offering a summer sale is ALWAYS a good idea! Summer sales can get customers swarming to your business! Remember to talk about your summer sales on all forms of advertisement including TV, radio, social media, email, and mailers.

6. Run Summer Giveaways

On top of sales, summer giveaways are another great opportunity for getting lots of new customers. Running giveaways on social media is an especially effective way of growing your customer base online. With giveaways on social media, you can ask for page likes and follows, post likes and comments, and you can even direct consumers to fill out a form on your website to enter. This way you can get additional information that’s good for your business such as customer email addresses, demographics, likes and dislikes, upcoming trend predictions, and more. Plsu, you’re giving back to the community!

7. Highlight Summer Holidays

It’s always a good idea to focus on holidays for your sales efforts. Many consumers are looking at deals around the holidays, and also spending more money around the holidays. Remember to mention Memorial Day, Labor Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day in your summer marketing efforts. Even if you’re just wishing customers a safe and happy holiday, it gives them a sense of trust in your business to mention a date that is relevant to them. 

8. Mention School

At the beginning and end of summer especially, it’s important to mention school! Millions of parents and children will be shopping for summer vacation or back-to-school supplies, and getting your business in front of them is never a bad idea. Include pictures of families and verbiage that’s family-friendly in your marketing materials over the summer.

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