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A Quality HVAC Website = More Customers

Are you on the fence about whether or not your HVAC business should have a website? In this article, we explain why websites are so important for your business. The content of this article is borrowed from AS Dealer Sites, a Lawrence Media Group product. 

You Need A Quality HVAC Website, Even If It’s Not A Big, Expensive, Custom-Developed One

The larger your online presence (your website, social media, and review site presence), the easier it is for search engines to consider your business “legitimate” and show it to your potential customers’ search results. 

Even if you have Google reviews and a business Facebook page, it’s still best to also have a well built, mobile-friendly website. A website makes your business “real” in the online world and serves as the best place for customers to learn more about your company.

Creation of AS Dealer Sites

Lawrence Media Group created AS Dealer Sites in 2021 to give HVAC Business Owners an opportunity to have an SEO optimized, mobile-friendly, beautiful website built in a fraction of time custom websites require. 

We believe growing HVAC companies should have the opportunity to be well represented online (without spending a fortune) so their businesses can grow. By choosing a pre-made design, we can cut down site building costs and time. The design you choose will display your logo, colors, and service areas, so it is customized for YOUR BUSINESS! 

How Your Website Pays For Itself & Why It’s A Great Investment 

The more leads and customers your website brings in, the more money it’s generating for you. If your site is built correctly from the start, it will start ranking high in organic search results and be shown to a lot of people. As more and more people view your website, you’ll collect more leads and eventual customers. 

Depending on how you look at it, your new website could be paid for by one system installation or a few repair calls. Or, you could sell several maintenance plans and the expense is covered. Either way, the 1-time fee to get the site up and running is inexpensive in the long run, considering the new customers it will bring in. Throw in co-op reimbursement (if eligible) and a  new site for your business makes good financial sense. 

How To Get Started With Your Online Presence

Our easy-to-use Get Started page will walk you through the steps of selecting a site package and design selection, let you choose any package add-ons, and arrange payment. We split the total invoice in half so you will be billed for 50% of the cost up-front, then 50% when your new site is ready to launch.

Learn More & Get In Touch

We’re here to answer any questions you may have! Please contact us or send us an email for further assistance. Visit AS Dealer Sites to learn more about this great new product.

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