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Websites Help HVAC Businesses Grow!

Websites Help HVAC Businesses Grow!

HVAC businesses must have easy-to-find, easy-to-use websites for their customers. If you can’t be found online, you limit the ability of your business to grow. This article explains how and why a well-done website can help your HVAC business grow.

The content of this article is borrowed from AS Dealer Sites, a Lawrence Media Group product. 

Your Website Helps Customers Get In Touch With You

Your website should make it simple for customers to contact you. Clickable “Call Now” buttons make it easy to quickly communicate with you when a customer is in need of service. When they aren’t in an emergency HVAC situation, they should be able to contact you using a chat feature or website form, knowing you’ll respond promptly. 

Many times, customers visit HVAC websites to make sure they’re calling the correct company they used from a previous visit. If your website is easy to find and easy to use, you’ll generate repeat business from your current customer base all while building customer trust. 

Your Website Should Provide Resources For Your Customers To Learn About Your Recommended Products & Services

Many people only think about their HVAC systems when the unit is broken or underperforming. If they are in an emergency HVAC failure situation, they will likely call you directly or chat with you from your website. 

However, if they are in the ever-growing group of people wanting to upgrade their system, or if their system is getting old and they know it will need to be replaced soon, your website should serve as a resource for them to learn about product lines, ratings, and recommendations from professionals (you). 

The more you can display on your site for educational purposes, the more trust you build with your current or future customers (and the more content Google can pull from to display in search results). When you present a homeowner with options for HVAC replacement, you can point them to your site to read additional details about the systems you offer and why higher efficiency systems are often a better decision for the buyer (and the dealer!), in the long run. 

In this way, your website becomes a sales tool. Many buyers want to research options before making a purchase, so your website should be there for them.

Trying to sell more air purification units? Again, your website should serve as an informational resource to help your customers make the best decisions for their household. If your website has no product line information, you are potentially losing out on sales because a customer hasn’t seen all of the great technology you offer.

Your Website Should Help Your Customers Learn About Your Company & Develop Trust

Your website should have an About Us page so your customers can learn about your business. Having a page to tell your company story helps build trust and makes your business relatable to your customers. People love to learn about why you started your business and your business’s core values. Simply put, most customers want to know who they’re doing business with.

Your Website Should Be Built To Be Found By Search Engines

Well-built websites help grow your business because they will be displayed within the first few results of a Google search (or other major search engine). If you are just getting started with your online presence, this can take some time to accomplish (see our article on Results You Can Expect From Your New Website), but it’s crucial to get started with building your online reputation.

There are many factors that cause a website to rank well and be shown to potential customers. We won’t go too in-depth here, but in general, search engines (Google) want to show their customers an easy-to-use site with quality information that is mobile-friendly. Learn more about how Google chooses which sites to display in search results.

The more your website is shown to potential customers searching for an issue your business solves, the faster you can generate new business and grow your sales.

Why Choose Lawrence Media Group or AS Dealer Sites?

We’ve spent the last several years helping HVAC dealers grow their businesses by developing and implementing successful online marketing techniques.

By talking with many HVAC contractors, we discovered a need for professional, AFFORDABLE custom websites for dealers with smaller budgets, limited time, and big dreams.

As a result of our discussions and interactions with these dealers, we developed AS Dealer Sites

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As you can see, there are many benefits a website brings to your business. We’re here to answer any questions you may have! Please contact us or send us an email for further assistance.

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